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Soup Chef Pro

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Soup Chef Pro

The complete home-made soup solution

  • Sauté your ingredients for maximum flavour
  • Ready when you are 12 hour delay timer
  • Hot, fresh soup in just 19 minutes

RRP £79.99

Home-made soup, hot, fresh and easy.

With even more premium features, Soup Chef Pro is not only the fastest 1.6L soup maker in the UK, it also features double wall construction and a delay timer for your perfect soup whenever you want it!

Key features

Double wall construction keeps soup hot.

Fresh soup in just 19 minutes.

Delay timer – up to 12 hours!

Ready when you are.

With a delay timer of up to 12 hours you’re in complete control of every recipe.

Fresh and nutritious soups, fast.

Smooth soups cooked deliciously in 19 minutes, and chunky soups ready in just 25. Soup Chef Pro is the fastest soup maker of its size.

The all-in-one soup solution.

Soup Chef Pro does it all. All you need to do is chop, set and enjoy.

  • 01/ 1.6L capacity for batch cooking
  • 02/ Keeps warm for two hours
  • 03/ Auto-clean function

Product Info

Smooth or Chunky

Smooth soups in 19 minutes, chunky in just 25. You can pulse the blades with the Smooth+ mode for extra smooth soups, sauces and dahls, too.

Saute Function

Saute function with a Teflon base to maximise flavour for extra tasty soups.

Keeps Warm for 2 hours

Soup Chef Pro keeps your soup hot for up to 2 hours, so it's ready when you are.

Handy Auto-Clean

Just add water and detergent then select auto clean and Soup Chef Pro does the rest. Simple.

Recipe Inspiration

Check out our recipe page for meal inspiration and 100's of tasty Drew&Cole recipes.

1.6L Capacity

Feed the whole family or batch cook for the week ahead.

Memory Function

Season, taste, or add more ingredients during the cooking cycle and Soup Chef will carry on cooking without having to reset.

12 Hour Delay Timer

Set when you want Soup Chef Pro to begin cooking at a time that suits you and dinner is ready when you are.

Healthy & Nutritious

Control every ingredient that goes into every recipe. You’re in control.

Is this the right Soup Chef for you?

Great recipes in minutes


Frequently Asked Questions

01 / Can I add items part-way through my cooking cycle?

Yes, you can take the lid off for up to 3 minutes at a time to add any more ingredients and after you put the lid back on, it will carry on with the cycle as normal. If it is off for more than 3 minutes, the cycle will stop completely, and you will have to select your desired setting. Please note, this will start the process from the beginning. If you need longer than 3 minutes, make sure you put the lid back on during the 3- minute window and then remove it again.

02 / How much soup does it cook?

The maximum capacity of the product is 1600ml, which can make up to 5 portions of soup, depending on the size of the bowl.

03 / How long does it take to make soup?

25 minutes on the Chunky setting, and 19 minutes on the smooth setting.