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Drew&Cole Barista Frothiere

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Drew&Cole Barista Frothiere

Be your own barista.

  • Just add all of your ingredients and make entire drinks in one machine
  • Deliciously frothy or silky smooth
  • Easy to use, compact and convenient

RRP £59.99

Frothy coffees, cool frappes and more.

Be your own barista and prepare your favourite drinks at home.

Key features

Two detachable whisks for the perfect consistency.

Pre-programmed settings do all the hard work.

Easy-touch controls with no fiddly dials.

Create the perfect texture.

With two interchangeable whisks, you can get the texture of your favourite drink just right.

The Frothing Whisk whips up an airy cappuccino foam or a home-made milkshake and the Velvetiser Whisk creates delicious, velvety smooth hot chocolates or lattes.

They’re even detachable for easy cleaning.

All at the touch of a button

Each cycle is intelligently programmed for heating and whisking so you get a cuppa that’s just right – every time.

Add your ingredients, choose a whisk attachment, and select a barista style, that’s all there is to it!

Product Info

2 detachable whisks

Use the Frothing Whisk to create light, frothy drinks or attach the Velvetiser Whisk for silky smooth drinks you can whip up with ease.

4 pre-programmed barista styles

Each cycle is intelligently programmed for heating and whisking so you get a cuppa that’s just right – every time.


Enjoy home-made smooth frappes, delicious milkshakes or even espresso martinis at the touch of a button.


Take a perfect coffee break. Hot cappuccino froth, lattes, babyccinos and matcha lattes all at your fingertips.

Hot Chocolate

Deliciously frothy or velvety smooth. Either way, there are no chunks or lumps!


Prepare a fresh and relaxing matcha tea you can enjoy every day.

Easy-touch controls

There are no fiddly dials or switches, add your ingredients, select your barista style and enjoy.

Wash proof connector for easy cleaning

Barista Frothiere is a dream to clean. The detachable whisks are easy to clean, too!

200ml Capacity

the perfect sized drink every time.

Whip up these favourites...


Frequently Asked Questions

01 / How do I choose a Barista Mode?

Press the raised arrow buttons on the ends of the control panel, then press the start button on the top of the handle.

02 / How long does the Cold Barista Style take?

3 minutes.

03 / How long does the Hot Barista Style take?

2.5 Minutes.