Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a Barista Mode?

Press the raised arrow buttons on the ends of the control panel, then press the start button on the top of the handle.

How long does the Cold Barista Style take?

3 minutes.

How long does the Hot Barista Style take?

2.5 Minutes.

How long does the Hot Chocolate Barista Style take?

2 minutes.

How long does the Matcha Barista Style take?

2.5 minutes.

What is the capacity of Barista Frothiere?

150ml minimum, 200ml maximum.

What temperature does Barista Frothiere heat my drinks to?

The Drew&Cole Barista Frothiere has been calibrated to serve your perfect flavour from each setting.

Cold Barista Mode whisks without heating.

Hot Barista Mode heats your drink to 60°C.

Hot Chocolate Barista Mode heats your drink to 70°C.

– And the Matcha Mode heats your drink to 80°C.

These settings have been precisely programmed as if some drinks are served hotter than intended the delicate flavours are scalded. If you prefer your drinks a little hotter fill your cup with boiled water and empty it out just before serving your drink to serve your drink at the hottest end of what we recommend.


User Manual (1mb, PDF)

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