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Digital Soup Maker

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Digital Soup Maker

Make hearty, comforting soup with ease

  • Hot, fresh, home-made soup in just 21 minutes
  • Make non-dairy Soy and Oat Milk at home, too
  • Three easy soup settings: Smooth, Chunky and Extra Smooth


What’s your Soup of the Day?

You control what goes in, so you can cut down on cost, salt and calories. Reduce vegetable waste too! Be inspired by expiry dates and get creative – soup doesn’t have to be boring. It’s also a great way to get the family involved at mealtimes; creating fresh and wholesome soup, with all the ingredients YOU love. Soup, just the way you like it.

Key Features

Cooks and blends, all in one.

Smart, pre-programmed settings do all the hard work.

Perfect for families, meal prep or batch cooking.

The Secret

The secret to Drew&Cole Soup Maker’s super-smooth delicious soup is it alternates cooking and blending in one machine. It all happens in stages to maximize flavours. First, it cooks your ingredients at a high heat which unlocks those flavours and starts the process towards amazing consistency with the texture you want. Stage two: the Wave Blade blends at specific, pre-programmed times throughout the cooking cycle, to break down the ingredients allowing all those gorgeous flavours to infuse. The built in Thermostat raises and lowers the temperature from high to simmer throughout the cooking cycle to produce perfect delicious soup, every time.

Fresh and nutritious soups, fast. Smooth soups cooked deliciously in 21 minutes, and chunky soups ready in just 28. The Drew&Cole Soup Maker is fast!

The all-in-one soup solution. All you need to do is chop, set and enjoy.
o Large 1.6L capacity perfect for batch cooking
o Auto-clean function for easy clean up

Product Info

Smooth or Chunky

Smooth soups cooked deliciously in 21 minutes, chunky soups ready in just 28 and extra-smooth soups cooked to perfection in 30 minutes.

Handy Auto-Clean

Just add water and detergent then select auto clean and Soup Maker does the rest. Simple.

Recipe Inspiration

Visit the recipes page or download the Drew&Cole app for meal inspiration and 100's of tasty Drew&Cole recipes.

Large 1.6L Capacity

Feed the whole family or batch cook for the week ahead.

Memory Function

Season, taste, or add more ingredients during the cooking cycle and Soup Maker will car-ry on cooking without having to reset.

Healthy & Nutritious

Choose every ingredient that goes into every recipe. You’re in control.