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Barista Ice Café

Where to buy

Barista Ice Café

Make your iced coffee totally brewnique.

  • Customise your iced coffee
  • Ready in just 4 minutes
  • Brew right into your travel cup!

RRP £39.99

Your iced coffee your way

Whether you take your iced coffee with dairy milk, almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, coconut milk, cream, sugar, sweetener, flavoured syrups or just unsweetened and black – Barista Ice Café brews your drink in under four minutes!

Once you’ve built your brewnique beverage simply twist on the locking lid and sip away!

Key Features

Iced coffee in less than 4 minutes

Built in measurements make it so easy

Just fill and chill

Easy to read built in measurements

Use the handy scoop to scoop in the right amount of coffee and use the easy-read markings on the included tumbler to see how much water and ice you need.

Consistently great brew

Thanks to the included coffee scoop and easy-read fill lines on the tumbler there’s no guesswork at all and you’ll be using the same quantities every single time so you can enjoy a consistently delicious brew, every time.

Product Info

Includes travel tumbler with lid and straw

Take your iced coffee wherever you are and keep cool on the go.

Ready in just 4 minutes

Tap the easy one-touch button and in just 4 minutes you’ll be sipping on a refreshing iced coffee.

Your drink, your way

Customise your brew for the perfect iced coffee.

Brewed straight into your cup

No additional cups required!

Free Recipe App

Download our FREE app for cool coffee inspiration.

No pods, no disposable filters, no waste.

Use your favourite ground coffee, there’s no need to buy special pods.

Brewnique Inspiration


Frequently Asked Questions

01 / My iced coffee isn’t strong enough for me. How do I make a stronger cup of iced coffee?

The amount of coffee grounds in our recipes are only a recommendation. If you like your coffee to taste stronger try adding another half scoop of coffee grounds into the filter basket next time you make an iced coffee.

If it’s still not strong enough, try another half scoop. Repeat until you find your perfect amount!

02 / Why has all of my ice melted straight away?

First of all, make sure you have filled the Tumbler with ice right up to the ice fill line. If you filled it up and the ice still melted, use larger ice cubes. They will melt slower so your ice lasts longer.

03 / Why doesn’t Barista Ice Café fill my Tumbler to the top?

Barista Ice Café has been designed to leave a little room in your Tumbler so you can customise your drink with syrup, milk, sugar or cream.