Frequently Asked Questions

My iced coffee isn’t strong enough for me. How do I make a stronger cup of iced coffee?

The amount of coffee grounds in our recipes are only a recommendation. If you like your coffee to taste stronger try adding another half scoop of coffee grounds into the filter basket next time you make an iced coffee.

If it’s still not strong enough, try another half scoop. Repeat until you find your perfect amount!

Why has all of my ice melted straight away?

First of all, make sure you have filled the Tumbler with ice right up to the ice fill line. If you filled it up and the ice still melted, use larger ice cubes. They will melt slower so your ice lasts longer.

Why doesn’t Barista Ice Café fill my Tumbler to the top?

Barista Ice Café has been designed to leave a little room in your Tumbler so you can customise your drink with syrup, milk, sugar or cream.

Can I use a different cup for my iced coffee?

You can, but please make sure that it can hold the same amount of coffee so it doesn’t overflow!

Most cups and tumblers should fit underneath the drip spout.

Why isn’t coffee dripping into my Tumbler?

Double check that the drip-stop switch is open. If it is set to closed then move it to open, your coffee should begin to drip out.

Is it possible to stop the Barista Ice Café dripping while in use?

If you need to stop the Barista Ice Café from dripping coffee while in use, slide the drip-stop to closed.

Why are there coffee grounds in my iced coffee?

This is an uncommon issue, however when it happens it has often been caused by the reusable coffee filter being over-filled with coffee grounds.

Try using a smaller amount of coffee when you next make an iced coffee with your Barista Ice Café.

How do I turn my Barista Ice Café off?

Once the brewing cycle is complete Barista Ice Café will turn off automatically. If you have forgotten a step or need to pause the brewing for another reason you can pause the cycle by turning the unit off at the socket.

Is the Barista Ice Café Tumbler dishwasher safe?

No. The Tumbler, Lid and Straw should all be hand-washed.

How often and how should I clean my Barista Ice Café?

You should clean your Barista Ice Café, filter basket, Tumbler, Lid and Straw after every use. Most parts will only need a quick rinse.


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