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Digital Kettle Pro

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Digital Kettle Pro

Variable temperature control for the perfect cuppa. Every time.

  • Four temperature settings
  • Easy-touch digital controls
  • Live temperature display

RRP £49.99

Perfectly heated water, for the perfect cuppa.

Four temperature settings, a live temperature display, easy-touch controls and a stylish, modern design make Digital Kettle Pro the perfect kettle for your kitchen.

Key features

Variable temperature control for the perfect cuppa

Live temperature display shows current water temperature

Easy-touch controls make it easy

4 Temperature Settings

Stop burning your coffee or scalding your tea. With four different water temperatures your drink will be just right – every time.

  • 40°C with just slice of fresh lemon and Digital Kettle Pro you can enjoy a deliciously refreshing cup of Hot Lemon.
  • 80°C get the most out of your instant coffee. Avoid burning the bean for a bitter aftertaste and enjoy a smooth cup.
  • 90°C is perfect for getting the most out of your favourite black tea.
  • 100°C boil water for cooking or for relaxing herbal infusions such as ginger or chamomile.

Energy smart live temperature display

be energy smart. You’ll know exactly when you need to reboil or not, saving you time and energy.

Product Info

4 temperature settings

don’t just boil water, heat it to the perfect temperature.

Automatic shut off

you don’t have to worry about leaving the kettle on.

Live temperature display

know if you need to reboil or not, saving you time and energy.

Cool to the touch

thanks to the double wall construction.

Easy-touch Controls

choose your perfect temperature with just two buttons.

Large 1.5L Capacity

enough for the whole family

Not just for Tea and Coffee...


Frequently Asked Questions

01 / How do I select a function?

Simply scroll though the functions by pressing select when the desired function is highlighted press start.

02 / How do I open the lid?

Simply push the lid button on the handle and the lid will open.

03 / How do I activate the display?

Ensure the kettle is plugged into the mains. Simply press select and the screen will illuminate.