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Soup Chef Select

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    RRP £49.99

Soup Chef Select

Everything you need to get started making delicious soup

  • Just chop, set, and enjoy
  • One appliance to blend and cook
  • Tasty soup in just 19 minutes

RRP £49.99

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Homemade soup, delicious and easy.

Get started making delicious homemade soup with just one appliance that does it all. Simply chop your ingredients and Soup Chef Select cooks and blends for a hearty soup in just 19 minutes.

Key features

Smooth or chunky, just chop, set, and enjoy

Fastest soup maker of its size

Easy to use, one appliance does it all

Tasty soups, fast.

Smooth soups in 19 minutes, and chunky soups in just 25.
Soup Chef is the fastest soup maker of its size.

Perfect for families and busy lifestyles.

One appliance does it all, just chop, set and enjoy.
Feed the family with healthy soups, sauces, dahls and more.

  • 01/ 1.6L capacity is perfect for batch cooking
  • 02/ Memory Function
  • 03/ Auto-clean function

Product Info

Smooth or Chunky

Smooth soups in 19 minutes, chunky in just 25. Smooth+ mode allows you to make extra smooth soups, sauces and dahls.

Handy Auto-Clean

Soup Chef even cleans itself. Just add water and detergent and select auto clean. Simple.

Memory Function

Season, taste, or add more ingredients during the cooking cycle and Soup Chef will carry on cooking without having to reset.

1.6L Capacity

Feed the whole family or batch cook for the week ahead.

Instant Serving

Serve straight from Soup Chef with no ladles, and no mess.

Healthy & Nutritious

Soups are a great healthy way of getting even more veg and goodness into grown-ups and little ones alike, and with Soup Chef, you know exactly what's gone in to your soups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 / Can I add items part-way through my cooking cycle?

Yes, you can take the lid off for up to 3 minutes at a time to add any more ingredients and after you put the lid back on, it will carry on with the cycle as normal. If it is off for more than 3 minutes, the cycle will stop completely, and you will have to select your desired setting. Please note, this will start the process from the beginning. If you need longer than 3 minutes, make sure you put the lid back on during the 3- minute window and then remove it again.

02 / How much soup does it cook?

The maximum capacity of the product is 1600ml, which can make up to 5 portions of soup, depending on the size of the bowl.

03 / Can I wash the lid?

You can use the auto-clean function, however do not immerse your Soup Chef in water or any other liquid