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Prep: 2 minutes
Cook: 1 hour
Serves: 4

Sous Vide Salmon

Sous vide salmon is both moist and flaky and absorbs all the flavours of the marinade.

This dish is best served with boiled new potatoes and a fresh crunchy salad on the side.


4 salmon fillets (~100g each)

1 tbsp olive or cooking oil


For the Marinade:

1 tbsp olive or cooking oil

2 slices of lemon

2 fennel bulbs, sliced

1 tsp salt

6 whole black peppercorns

Suitable for: CleverChef Pro 4.8LCleverChef Pro 5.7L

The Method


You can get a range of different results depending on what temperature you choose to cook your salmon. To understand how the salmon will have a different texture at different temperatures, and to see how to cook sous vide if you don’t have a vac machine then view our how-to guide.

In a bowl, add all the marinade ingredients and stir to combine.

Put the salmon fillets in one or two sous vide bag, (depending on the size), then vac seal the bag(s).

Place the sous vide bag into the inner pot and fill to the PC MAX 2/3 line, making sure the bag is fully submerged then put the lid on leaving the pressure valve open because this is not a pressure cook function.

Select the SOUS VIDE function, scroll down to FISH and press START. For a particularly large or thick piece of salmon you may want to increase the cooking time up to 1 hour and beyond (for pieces more than 2.5cm thick).

When the program has finished, carefully remove the bag(s) and cut them open to remove the fish.

You may want to sear the salmon before you serve. In which case empty and dry the inner pot. Select the SAUTE function, select CRISPY and press START, then add the oil and allow to heat for 2 mins.

Add the fish skin side down and cook for 2 mins to sear the fillets. Flip the salmon and sear for a further 1 min.

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