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Why our 24-in-1 Pressure King Pro makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift 

We know how tricky it can get to find your mum that perfect present for Mother’s Day, which is why we’ve written up a few reasons why our Pressure King Pro 24-in-1 would not disappoint! Our new PKP 24-in-1 also comes with a new premium steamer basket and trivet which makes cooking all the more easier. Whether it’s meal prep for the week, baking a cake, or a massive Sunday lunch for the whole family, our Pressure King Pro will be your right hand man. 

Take the pressure off

If you have tried cooking with our Pressure King Pro, then you already know it really does take the pressure off mealtimes. As it allows you to cook 90% faster than conventional cooking methods, you can ensure your mum can continue to make her delicious meals – only with a lot more time to spare. This means your family meals can be devoured even sooner than expected (how could you resist?) and you can enjoy that all important family time even more.

Pressure King Pro 24-in-1 Multi Cooker

Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Steaming burgers might seem strange but in parts of the US this is the norm, and they are so juicy and tasty.

Use any cheese of your choice,…

24 simple settings

Yes – 24! Our new PKP comes with all the following functions:

  1. Steam
  2. White rice
  3. Basmati rice
  4. DIY
  5. Poultry
  6. Chilli
  7. Bread rise
  8. Crispy
  9. Sterilise
  10. Yoghurt
  11. Slow cook
  12. Sous vide
  13. Stew
  14. Meat
  15. Soup
  16. Fish
  17. Veg
  18. Multigrain
  19. Curry
  20. Bake
  21. Risotto
  22. Baby food
  23. Poach
  24. Sauté

Pheew, that’s a lot. Forget the all the cleaning of multiple pots and pans and save yourselves the space – just use one Pressure King Pro instead!

Pressure King Pro 24-in-1 Multi Cooker

Bread & Butter Pudding

Stale bread probably normally ends up in the bin, but this recipe turns it in to a traditional comforting dessert.

Get creative by adding other…

Set it… and forget it 

No one wants their whole day to revolve around big dinner plans they have later, right? With our 24-in-1 PKP, you can throw all the ingredients inside and let it cook throughout the day – allowing your mum to go about her everyday plans completely stress-free. The delay timer and keep warm mode also mean you can enjoy your meals whenever you please – forget the constant cycle of filling tupperwares and heating meals up.

Recipes, recipes, recipes 

Who could resist a little experimentation here and there? With the Drew&Cole app, our website AND Facebook groups filled with dedicated PKP users – there are hundreds of recipes for your mum to try.

If a 24-in-1 ends up being the Mother’s Day gift you go for, don’t forget to get your mum sharing any incredible recipes or meals on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also find us on Pinterest and YouTube for more meal inspiration!

Pressure King Pro 24-in-1

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