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Why the Pressure King Pro and the CleverChef make the perfect pair

Whether it’s nailing the cooking for a big tasty breakfast or catering to different diets, we believe the Pressure King Pro and the CleverChef make the perfect pair. And we’re not the only ones! Our community are huge fans of the Drew&Cole range and regularly share with us how they use their Pressure King Pro and CleverChef together to make the most delicious dishes.

Curry + Rice = The Perfect Dish

We know that nothing beats a curry cooked in your Pressure King Pro. In fact, we know that our fans swear by the Pressure King Pro for the most tender and flavourful curries. Don’t just take our word for it, join our dedicated Pressure King Pro Recipe Group!

Chicken Tikka Masala

This classic curry is perfect for those Saturday nights in front of the TV and will give your local takeaway a run for its money.


So while your curry is cooking away in the Pressure King Pro, you definitely need a fluffy rice dish to accompany your Friday night fakeaway. Did you know? The RICE function on the CleverChef guarantees you perfect rice, every. single. time.

Feeling hungry? You can find all our favourite curry recipes here.

Breakfast, sorted.

It’s the weekend and you’re feeling like a treat when it comes to breakfast – and that’s where we’re here to help! If you didn’t know already, you can make the tastiest eggs in under 3 minutes in the Pressure King Pro. Why use anything else?!

Looking for something to pair those eggs with? Why not try them with a slice of Crusty White Bread made in the CleverChef. Sounds like a blissful start to the day, don’t you think?

CleverChef Multi Cooker

Crusty White Bread

The Clever Chef makes baking bread so simple with the Bread Rise and Bake functions. The trick here is to flip your loaf near the end so you get a…

The perfect pair for different diets

When it comes to cooking for a crowd, we recognise that not everybody enjoys the same dishes or have different diets to cater towards. That’s what makes having both the Pressure King Pro and the CleverChef a dream come true!

If you’re cooking for both meat lovers and vegetarians, don’t hesitate to use both products to cook up a storm in the kitchen. We’d recommend trying out our Quorn Bolognese in the Pressure King Pro and a classic Spaghetti Bolognese in the CleverChef. You’re guaranteed to have everyone rushing to the table for dinner.

Pressure King Pro 6L 20-in-1 Pressure Cooker

Veggie Bolognese

This veggie take on our classic Bolognese recipe is just as tasty and yet cheaper and less hassle than the beef original.

Serve tossed with…

CleverChef Multi Cooker

Spaghetti Bolognese

This iconic dish is made quick and easy by the Clever Chef. This recipe is perfect for batch cooking and freezing for later in the week.

This is…

So, if you’re looking for the perfect match for your Pressure King Pro this Valentine’s Day, the CleverChef is definitely the one. And what could be better than having the full Drew&Cole range on display?

Remember to check our CleverChef and Pressure King Pro recipe pages to find the best inspiration for your cooking and download our app for tasty ideas on the go.

You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

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