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Souper Easy Veggie-licious

As the nights draw in, the weather starts to turn, and the central heating makes an appearance, is there anything better than a warming, wholesome bowl of soup?

The powers of soup are so much more than just the taste. Soup is an easy and effective way to ensure that even during the winter months, your health doesn’t take a back seat.

According to World Health Organizations guidelines, adults should eat at least 5 portions (80g is a single portion) of different fruit and veg a day. Although more recent advice is as many as 7! Fitting 7 portions in to each day can be tricky, but soups are a great way to increase your veg intake, and you can add more to any recipe!

Soups offer the ability to be versatile with ingredients so you can vary your intake! You can pack your soups with added nutrients and protein by adding beans and lean meats like turkey, beef, and chicken.

Usually after a comforting meal you feel stuffed after over indulging. With soup, you feel full and satisfied but with fewer calories. Soup contains a lot of water allowing your body to feel full while keeping you well hydrated.

Soup will give your family the opportunity to come together over a warm meal that will allow everyone to taste the comfort of the season without feeling guilty!

With soup, there are no rules, you can mix and match ingredients and serve it all in a bowl that’ll warm the whole family up!

We’ve picked out a few of our favourite recipes below, but you can view the whole collection here.

Soup Chef

Easy Peasy Soup (Soup Chef & Pro)

The clue is in the name, this recipe is so quick and easy and a great way to get green goodness in to the little ones.

Best served drizzled with…

Soup ChefSoup Chef Pro

Butternut Squash, Chilli & Coconut Soup

This wonderfully warming soup is perfect for those cold autumn evenings.

Serve as a lunch, starter, or complete meal with plenty of chunky warm…

Soup ChefSoup Chef Pro

Chicken Enchilada Soup

The flavour of enchilada in a hearty warming soup is something to behold.

If you want less heat, you can try using less than a full packet of…

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