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5 Tips for Thai Cooking

It’s Thailand Week in our Taste of Summer tour and alongside sharing a week of delicious meals that you can make in minutes, we wanted to share our 5 top tips when it comes to Thai cooking.

From scratch is best

Our number one rule! Cooking from scratch is one of the best tips when it comes to Thai food. We all love the convenience of shop-bought curry pastes and cooking kits but nothing beats the taste of homemade. You can forget about all the added flavours and preservatives and instead know exactly what is going into your delicious Thai meal.

Our Massaman recipe below will guide you through how to make a really easy curry paste. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

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Massaman is a rich tasty Thai curry with hints of Middle Eastern flavours.

The recipe makes more paste than you need but you can keep the…

So many ingredients, so many benefits

So many ingredients in Thai cooking have fantastic health benefits, making them important to consider in the dishes you’re making. Who doesn’t want more garlic in their food anyway?

Lemongrass, for example, can help with fighting that cold that just won’t budge as well as acting as a source of iron and potassium in your meals.

Coriander is packed full of goodness and, believe it or not, is a natural antiseptic. It is also high in calcium (who knew?!)

Another ingredient worth considering when serving your Thai curries is jasmine rice. Jasmine rice is a staple in Thai cooking and its nutty flavour means it is extra delicious too. Jasmine rice provides vital B vitamins to make sure you’re fit and healthy.


Fish sauce, fish sauce, fish sauce

What more can we say, you can’t have Thai cooking without the perfect fish sauce. Fish sauce adds a deeper taste to your dishes and is a staple in most recipes.

As soon as you get over the smell (and maybe the off-putting name) when you open the bottle, fish sauce will change your Thai cooking for the better. Most people use soy sauce when it comes to Asian dishes but don’t miss the trick when it comes to fish sauce!

However, don’t go too crazy. Use it with care in your dishes to get the desired (and super delicious) effect.

It’s getting hot in here

Food too spicy? There are several things you can do to tone down the spice when it gets a little too much.

You can add lime to your dish just before serving to reduce the heat, while ensuring you have maximum flavour.

If you like chilli but don’t want it too hot, you can scrape the seeds out of the chilies before adding them to your cooking. Sorted!


It all starts with the right recipe

Right, so now you’re ready to get cooking! So what do you want to start with? Red, Green, Yellow, Massaman?

Green is considered the hottest Thai curry, followed by Red which still has a kick but is slightly sweeter. If you’re wary of there being too much heat, Yellow or Massaman recipes would be a great place to start.

You can find all our tasty Thai recipes on our Taste of Thailand recipe page.

Let us know what you’re cooking, we can’t wait to see it!

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