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Tonight’s Fakeaway is brought to you by Shemin’s

We've teamed up with Shemin to bring you our Indian Fakeaway collection.

We love how easy it is to make tasty curries with Shemin’s pastes. They’re fresh, full of flavour and healthy too. You can even use the spice mixes with yoghurt to make your perfect marinades.

Made at home in small batches, Shemin’s curry pastes have become so popular, the range has kept expanding. They now include Thai pastes, Mexican spices and perfect Chapatis and Naans.

“Whilst growing up in Uganda, some of my most treasured memories are of my mother preparing food in the courtyard of the kitchen. I was surrounded by foods flavoured with fresh fragrant herbs and spices, and a love for great cooking.”

Shemin’s family, originally from India, came to the UK in the early 70’s. Shemin grew up surrounded by fantastic home cooked food and six years ago turned her passion in to a profession by creating Shemin’s.

Winner of Curry Product of the Year and 11 Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards, Shemin’s products are 100% natural made with fresh herbs and spices, with no additives or preservatives, and are vegan friendly too.

Shemin has put together two recipes exclusively for our Pressure King Pro and CleverChef. Try them out and let us know what you think.

Look out for more of Shemin’s recipes coming soon!

We’d love our community to try Shemin’s pastes, so we’re giving away a Deluxe Gift Box!

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Pressure King Pro 5L 12-in-1 Pressure Cooker

Shemin's Lamb Shank Vindaloo

The tangy, spicy blend of tender lamb and aromatic spices in this Vindaloo recipe is sure to satisfy. If you don’t like your curries too spicy, you can…


Shemin's Beef Coconut Curry

This slow cooked curry is so tender and tasty it’s well worth the wait.

Serve sprinkled with fresh chopped coriander, with rice and some…

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