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4 Reasons Why You Need the New Pressure King Pro 24-in-1

With the recent launch of the Pressure King Pro 24-in-1, we wanted to bring you 4 top reasons why you need this product in your life (and how it will change your cooking game… trust us!) As the latest and most sophisticated addition to the Pressure King Pro range, it is definitely a must-have.

Only the best 

Our new Pressure King Pro 24-in-1 comes with bonus accessories to help you make the most of your cooking. As well as a Stainless-Steel Steamer Basket, you also get a Trivet with your purchase. You can now steam veg with ease or cook pasta to perfection!

Along with these premium accessories, we’ve also introduced an improved super non-stick coating on our inner pot. That means it’s easier to clean than ever before. Just pop it in the dishwasher and it’s good as new. Couldn’t be any easier if we tried!

Exciting new features

The clue is in the name… The Pressure King Pro has 24 handy pre-set cooking functions which really helps take the stress out of those weekday meals. Delicious meals at the press of a button? Um, yes please!

Some of the new features include Sous Vide (where food is cooked slowly at a precise temperature, in a sealed bag), Sterilise and Baby Food, making the Pressure King Pro 24-in-1 the perfect addition to family households.

Pressure King Pro 24-in-1 Multi Cooker

Homemade Bread

What’s better than the smell of bread baking in your own home?

Perfect for families and batch cooking

The huge 5.8L capacity is sure to come in handy when you’ve got lots of hungry mouths to feed and it’s perfect for batch cooking. You can even cook meals to suit your schedule with the handy Delay Timer, and the automatic Keep Warm function means everyone’s food will stay hot until they’re ready to eat. And because it cooks up to 90% faster than traditional appliances, you can knock up delicious meals in a flash whenever you want!

Pressure King Pro 24-in-1 Multi Cooker

Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Steaming burgers might seem strange but in parts of the US this is the norm, and they are so juicy and tasty.

Use any cheese of your choice,…

FREE recipe app

Don’t say we don’t treat you! We recently launched our recipe app that gives you access to over 200 recipes to cook in your Drew&Cole products.

With a like function, you can save your favourite recipes for later, so you’ll never forget where you saw that tasty dish you couldn’t wait to try! With advanced search capabilities, you can also look for recipes by ingredient, meaning those cupboard goodies or just-about-to-go-out-of-date carrots can be used to create something delicious. 

Just search for Drew&Cole in your app store to download it and get cooking today!

Check out the all NEW Pressure King Pro 24-in-1

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