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Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 25 minutes
Serves: 4

Baked Courgette Balls

If you’ve ever visited Crete, the chances are you’ll have seen Kolokithokeftedes on restaurant menus.

They are a deliciously salty starter packed with veggies and feta, best served with tzatziki or plain yoghurt.


1kg courgettes, grated

1 red onion, grated

2 spring onions, finely chopped

1 handful fresh mint, finely chopped

2 eggs

300g feta cheese, grated

240g dried breadcrumbs

5 tbsp olive or cooking oil

1 handful parsley, finely chopped

Salt and pepper (to taste)

Suitable for: CleverChef

The Method

Add the grated courgette to a colander and using your hands to squeeze the water out in batches. Once this is done, sprinkle with salt and leave for ~1 minute, then repeat the squeezing another time.

Add the courgette to a mixing bowl along with the other ingredients, leaving half the oil for now.

Mix to combine, it is best to use your hands for this. The mixture should be firm enough to form balls, if not, add some flour to dry the mixture out a bit.

Add the rest of the oil to the inner pot followed by ~5 golf ball sized chunks. Close the lid, select the BAKE function and adjust the time to 15 minutes, then press START.

When the program has finished, open the lid and flip all the discs over with a spatula. Close the lid again and repeat the BAKE function for a further 10 minutes.

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