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HUMI Personal Fan

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HUMI Personal Fan

4-in-1 personal, adjustable and customised climate control

  • Heat, cool, humidify and hand warm all in one
  • Control the climate of your personal space
  • Small, subtle design perfect for any home space

RRP £29.99

Completely customise and control your personal climate.

4-in-1 personal, adjustable and customised climate control. Heat & cool any living space, bedroom or home environment. Gently humidify for a breath of fresh air. Hand warm for toasty fingers, even on cold days.

Whisper quiet, two temperature settings, two fan speeds, compact and stylish, HUMI is the perfect personal climate controller.

Key features

Easy to use one touch controls.

A cooling mist for gentle humidifying.

Magnetised hand warmer for cold winter days.

Two fan speeds

HUMI has two whisper quiet fan speeds, it’s perfect whether you need your heating and air circulation to be gentle or more intense.

Easy to use magnetised hand warmer

just heat the hand warmer on the front of your HUMI and you’ll have up to 45 minutes of cosy, hand-warming heat you can take with you anywhere.

Complete customisable control

all of the settings on HUMI can be set independently. Hot or cold, high or low fan speed, humidifying or not, you’re in complete control at the touch of a button.

Product Info


gently heat your personal space for a cosy and warm environment.


HUMI will keep circulating air to keep you cool.


at the touch of a button you can humidify your personal space with a gently cooling mist for up to four hours.

Hand Warm

keep your hands toasty and warm with the easy to use, magnetised HUMI hand warmer.


measuring just 18.8cm x 14cm x 16.5cm HUMI only takes up a small amount of space, so you can fit it on virtually any coffee table, desk or even a bookshelf.

Auto-shut off

for your peace of mind HUMI turns off if it gets too hot or if it’s knocked over.


Frequently Asked Questions

01 / How do I use the hand warming attachment?

Place the hand warmer on the front of the fan. The hand warmer is held in place with magnets. Turn the fan to high speed, then turn the heater function on. Leave the hand warmer attached to the front of the fan for a minimum of 10 minutes. Note: The longer you leave the hand warmer attached to the front of the fan, the longer it will stay warm. When the hand warmer is attached to the front of the fan the fan output will be less powerful. Turn the heater function off then turn the fan off. Wait for 2 minutes. Grip the sides of the hand warmer and pull it off the front of the fan. Your hand warmer is now ready for use.

02 / How do I clean HUMI?

Turn the fan off and remove the plug from the mains socket. Allow the unit and the hand warming attachment to cool before cleaning. Wipe the surface of the fan and the hand warming attachment with a dry cloth.

03 / How do I use the heating function?

Whilst the fan is running at low or high speed, press the Heating button to turn the heater on or off. When the icon is white the heating function is on, when it is not illuminated the function is off. Note: The fan must be turned on to use this function.