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Pressure King Pro Cooking School – Advanced Module

Now you’ve reached the final stage you’ll be making some fantastic meals and might even have started experimenting with you own recipes too.

In this final module it gets a little more complex with some extra functions and a bit of multi-tasking.

Vegan Red Thai Curry (Pressure King Pro 3L)

Tofu can be tricky to cook, which explains why this recipe made it in to our Advanced module. Make sure you buy firm tofu rather than silken or…

Lancashire Lamb Hot Pot (Pressure King Pro 5L)

This awesome Lancashire Hot Pot is so worth the effort. To make it a little simpler, try buying diced lamb and cook for 30 minutes instead of 55….

Stew and Dumplings

A wonderfully tender beef stew cooked in a fraction of the time as a slow cooker. Perfect for cold winter nights and using up those leftover veggies…

Mediterranean Fish Stew (Pressure King Pro 3L)

A fresh taste of summer, this fish stew is light and packed with heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

Best served with a crusty olive load. Try…

Beef Massaman Short Ribs

Massaman is a rich tasty Thai curry with hints of Middle Eastern flavours.

The recipe makes more paste than you need but you can keep the…

We’d love to see how you handle the advanced recipes so please share your pictures and videos over on our official recipe group.

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