Frequently Asked Questions

What is MultiCooking?

Multicooking is essentially having the ability to cook in numerous different ways, with the same kitchen appliance. The CleverChef has 14 pre-programmed functions allowing you to cook virtually anything!

Is it easy to use?

Yes! The pre-programmed functions are designed to cook at exactly the right temperate and time for the meal you are preparing, meaning you can simply set it and forget it. Plus, every CleverChef includes a free recipe guide to help get you started.

What if I want to cook something without a pre-programmed function?

The CleverChef also has a handy DIY function, allowing you control both the temperature and how long it cooks for, so you can experiment with your own tried-and-tested recipes!

The CleverChef isn’t turning on?

This is likely an issue with the power connection. If the screen is illuminating the CleverChef has power, it will also beep when you first switch the power on, however if it is dark try securing the power cable in the back of the unit. If that doesn’t work, try using a different plug socket. If this doesn’t rectify the issue, please contact our customer services team.

How do I choose a function?

The control panel on the CleverChef is touch sensitive. To select your desired function, begin by pressing the Menu button this will cause a function to flash, to reach your required function simply press the + / – button. The preset temperature and time will be displayed on the screen.

Some functions can be amended. If you wish to change the presets simply press the time or temperature buttons and using the + / – you can make the change. When you are happy with your selection, press the Start Button.

My CleverChef display is showing POT – what could be wrong?

The CleverChef can only operate when the inner pot is aligned properly with the base. If happy with the alignment but still seeing the POT message, contact our Customer Services Team.

How can I tell how my food is cooking?

By pressing the open button, you can check on the progress of your food at any time. When the lid is open, the timer will continue counting down so please make any adjustments quickly before closing the lid.

How will I know if the Clever Chef has finished cooking?

When the timer has finished, the Clever Chef will beep 4 times to confirm that it has finished.

I have selected a function in error, how can I change it?

Simply press and hold the Keep Warm/Cancel button for up to 3 seconds. The beep confirms that the function has been cancelled. You are now able to select the function that you wish.

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