Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it keep the water hot for?

RediKettle is uniquely designed to keep water hot for up to 4 hours, so it’s drink-ready when you need it, with no need to re-boil.

Why would I need to use different temperatures?

Using a variable temperature kettle allows you to choose how hot you want your water so if you’re in a hurry you don’t need to wait for it to cool down.

Plus, many of your favourite hot drinks will taste better if they are prepared at the right temperature, for example 90°C for the perfect coffee or 70°C for green teas.

The base unit is showing an error message (E), what do I do?

Please make sure you have removed the tag and the cable under the RediKettle base is sitting within the channel by using the clips.

The RediKettle base’s internal scales are so accurate that if you fill your RediKettle up to the max line without taking these steps, the RediKettle will register as overfilled and you won’t be able to select a temperature.

How do I know when the RediKettle is ready to use?

When the RediKettle has finished heating the base will beep and the red circle around your chosen temperature will change to blue. Carefully lift the RediKettle off the base and press the pouring lock to pour the water.

How do I check the current temperature of the RediKettle?

To check the current temperate of the water, simply touch the power button and the current temperature will illuminate on the base with a red circle.

What does ‘E’ mean on the CupCount display?

If you try to boil the RediKettle whilst it is empty, the CupCount display will show ‘E’. Remove the lid, refill the RediKettle and try again.

What does ‘F’ mean on the CupCount display?

This means that the RediKettle is overfilled. Pour out some water and try again. If this is shown when the RediKettle is not overfilled, please reset the RediKettle.

To do this, ensure it is empty of water, and hold the power button and the 60 degree button at the same time for around 4 seconds. You’ll hear 3 beeps, remove your fingers from the buttons and you’ll hear 5 more beeps. Your RediKettle is now reset..

Is the RediKettle silent?

The RediKettle, like all kettles, will get progressively louder as the water heats.

My RediKettle is pouring slower than my old kettle, is this right?

The RediKettle is sealed to keep the heat in, because of this the pour is slightly slower than none insulated kettles. Please always make sure that the Pouring Lock is fully pressed before you pour.

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