Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Pressure King Pro 3L suitable for?

The Pressure King Pro (3L) is ideal for smaller households and compact kitchens.

What if I want to prepare something to enjoy later in the day?

All Pressure King Pro models come with a handy delay timer, allowing you to prepare your ingredients and delay the cook until a time that suits you.

How do I close the lid?

Close the lid by lining up the arrows and turning the lid anti-clockwise until it locks in place, and the front panel lines up.

How do I know when the Pressure King Pro is up to pressure?

Two zeros will begin to rotate when the pressure is building. Once it has reached pressure, your float valve will pop up, and the timer on your selected program will begin to countdown.

The Pressure King Pro doesn’t seem to be building pressure / Counting down, what do I do?

This is due to steam escaping from the unit, meaning it isn’t getting up to pressure.

If the steam is escaping from the pressure valve, simply push this back to the CLOSED position using a wooden spoon and wearing oven gloves.

If the steam is escaping from the sides of the Pressure King Pro, simply remove the inner lid and the silicon ring, reattach them securely in place and continue.

If the steam is escaping from the float valve, simply remove the inner lid and the silicon ring. Remove the washer that is securing the float valve, and then clean the float valve. Reattach all items securely and continue.

The Pressure King Pro has been heating up (Spinning circles) for a long time, what do I do?

This could mean one of two things, either the unit isn’t sealed correctly (see advice above), Or the food in the pot is taking longer to heat up, if you have used a lot of cold water, frozen ingredients etc. this can be the case, bear with it, the results will be worth it!

The Pressure King Pro isn’t turning on?

This is likely an issue with the power connection, if the screen is illuminating blue at all the unit has power, if its dark however try restoring the power cable in the back of the unit.

If that doesn’t work, try plugging the unit in in a completely different socket, if this doesn’t work please contact our Customer Services team.

Do I have to wait to open The Pressure King Pro if I’ve missed out an ingredient?

Yes, if the unit has begun to build pressure and heat up simply hit cancel to stop the program. If the float valve has popped up, please leave the Pressure King Pro until the valve has dropped back down again. It will then be safe to open the lid and carefully add to your pot, remembering not to exceed the Max fill line.

I have finished cooking, how do I release the pressure?

There are two ways to release the pressure, depending on the recipe you have followed.

Quick release
For food that cooks quickly such as vegetables or seafood, you can use the quick release method. Wearing oven gloves and an apron, turn the pressure release valve to the open position and wait for the float valve to drop down and wait 1-2 minutes.

Finally, before opening the lid, hold the base unit’s handles and give the Pressure King Pro a gentle shake to release any trapped steam within the food.

Slow release
For food with skins, with a high starch content, or a large liquid volume, we recommend the Slow Release method to avoid any splashing of hot food once the lid is removed.

After pressing Cancel, leave the Pressure Release Valve in the closed position for at least 15 minutes – this may take longer depending on the recipe.

When the Float Valve has dropped, move the Release Valve to the Open position to ensure all the pressure is released.

Remember, while wearing oven gloves and an apron, give your PKP a gentle shake to release any trapped steam and ensure the inner pot isn’t stuck to the lid.

The pressure valve seems loose, is it meant to be like this?

Yes, the valve is designed to fit in this way, you should be able to turn it a full 360°, se the valve lift at certain points on its rotation and even be removable for cleaning.

The valve is designed to release the pressure after you have finished cooking. Please check this is closed before cooking, and that it remains closed throughout the cook. If it needs adjusting, please use oven gloves and a wooden spoon to push it closed.

How do I stop food sticking or burning within the Pressure King Pro?

Please always ensure that you have enough liquid added to the pot so it is above the MIN line. Food will also stick less if it has been properly browned first.

The lid is stuck, how do I open it?

If the lid is stuck, do not attempt to open it without releasing the pressure first.

Leave the unit to cool, at least until the float valve has dropped fully. Once the unit has cooled attempt to open it again, the lack of pressure in the unit will make it much easier. If it is stuck, please do not force open the unit.

How do I adjust the cooking time?

Once you have selected a function, the display will flash for five seconds. At this point you can adjust the cooking time by one-minute intervals by pressing the plus and minus buttons, remember to check your user manual for details of how much each function can be adjusted by.

How do I use the Slow Cook function in the Pressure King Pro?

Ensure the Pressure Release Valve is set to the ‘OPEN’ position, then press the ‘Keep Warm/Slow Cook’ button. The display will say ‘SLO’ and you will be able to amend the cooking time by 30-minute intervals using the Plus and Minus buttons.

How do I use the browning function?

If you want to brown anything before cooking, don’t close the lid. When the lid is off, the Browning/Meat function defaults to the browning setting. This will allow you use it just like a frying pan. Once you are finished, simply press cancel.

How do I use the delay timer?

To use this, press the Delay Timer button and then use the Plus and Minus buttons to set when you would like PKP to start cooking. Then, select your function and make any time adjustments as usual.

Can I order another inner pot?

A replacement inner pot can be purchased from High Street TV ( make sure to select the size of the unit you have as the other bowls will not fit your unit

Does the Pressure King Pro (3L) come with a steamer tray?

Unfortunately not, as the Pressure King Pro (3L) does not include a steam function.

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