Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Drew & Cole Breakfast Sandwich Maker footprint / dimensions?

Size: 14 cm (h) x 16cm (w) x 18.5cm (d).

What is the wattage?


Can you use oil sprays on the non-stick?

We suggest using only the light oil sprays.

Diameter of the cooking surface?

The diameter of upper and lower plate is 13.1cm. The inner diameter of ring plate is 10cm.

Can the Breakfast Sandwich Maker be used without the top ring?

We do not suggest using the breakfast sandwich maker without the ring plate.

Could you cook a pancake from a raw mixture?

The plates aren’t sealed units so we do not suggest this as the batter will run out of the machine.

Could it be used to cook meats in the space (without using the bread toasting option)?

We do not suggest using the breakfast sandwich maker to cook meats.

Is there a timer or will it continue to cook?

There is no timer so will need to be switched off when you are finished cooking your tasty breakfast.

What is the length of power lead?


How-To Guides

How to make the perfect Breakfast Muffin


User Manual (5mb, PDF)

Recipe Book (4mb, PDF)

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