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Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes
Serves: 3

Mozzarella Dippers

Serve these moreish mozzarella dippers hot with your favourite sauce.


400g block mozzarella  

2 tbsp plain flour 

1 tsp garlic granules 

1 large free-range egg 

40g panko breadcrumbs  

Olive oil spray  

Salt & pepper 

Suitable for:

The Method

Cut the mozzarella into strips, roughly 1.5cm and pat dry using kitchen paper.

In a shallow dish, mix together the flour and the garlic granules. In another dish, beat the egg and season with salt and pepper.

Roll the mozzarella strips in flour, then in egg, then in flour and egg again, to create a double coating. Make sure each piece is totally covered in flour each time. Coat well in the panko breadcrumbs.

Ideally freeze for at least 30 minutes until solid.

Pre heat the air fryer to 200C (2-3 minutes).

Spray the bottom of the fry basket with olive oil spray and arrange a single layer of mozzarella sticks on the bottom. Spray the top of the mozzarella sticks with oil before air-frying for 10 minutes.

Repeat until all the mozzarella sticks are cooked, keeping each batch warm, then serve immediately.

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