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What is multi-cooking?

There are so many different appliances you can use to cook, from ovens to hobs, slow cookers to rice cookers – the choices are endless!

These days though, more and more people are becoming savvy in the kitchen and substituting their conventional cooking appliances with a multi cooker; a jack of many trades that can cook lots of things differently in one pot! Eliminating the need to use a steamer, deep fryer, a slow cooker, an oven, hob, bread maker, a rice cooker and even a microwave (you get this gist) – a multi cooker takes up only a small amount of space on a counter top and by using only one electric plug socket, it’s energy efficient too.

For many of us, our busy lives make it harder to devote a huge amount of time to cooking healthy, homemade meals. This is where a multi cooker makes cooking simpler and without the compromise on what you eat. Using only a little bit of time to prepare, a multi cooker can cook a virtually anything quickly or slowly, and it does so both consistently, evenly and automatically.

You can make all sorts of different meals in a multi cooker, from tasty stews to delicious soups, hot pots and roast dinners, curries to rice dishes, chilli to steamed veg, oatmeal, pasta, fried dishes, yoghurt, meat & fish dishes to desserts and bread – and all these things can be done hassle free, by simply pressing a button.

There’s also no need to hang around and supervise whilst its cooking, the multi cooker is perfectly safe to leave unattended. Simply set the programme and leave it to do its thing – once cooking has finished the machine will switch to keep warm function, so your food will stay ready to serve until you are.

Because multi cookers are an electronic product, they can be programmable too. If you know you are arriving home from work at a certain time, you can set your food to heat up and be ready when you are walking in the door. This also makes it ideal for catering for a crowd, as the reheat and keep warm functions keep your food at temperature so you can spend more time hosting and entertaining your guests.

They also work well for those with limited kitchen facilities – caravan and motorhome owners, young professionals, students, people having their kitchen renovated due to their size and adaptability. They’re also super simple to clean too.

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